Screen printing is one of the oldest and most popular forms of garment printing. It is a process of pushing layers of ink through a mesh screen (stencil) onto textiles to produce the desired effect. This process can be used for anything from the most simplistic of designs to the highest detail multi-colour designs on the multiple garments and products. Every colour requires a separate screen and set up and each colour is then printed individually. We screen print using multiple techniques, inks and equipment to ensure you receive the desired outcome and highest quality finish. Our prints can be done with soft inks, heavy inks, glitter inks, exact pantone colours, neon inks, discharge, water base and more. Our most common screen printed items are t-shirts. These are used globally by bands, companies, events and clothing lines. Having worked with different clients around the world on various projects, we understand the individual requirements of every industry. We work with a huge array of suppliers who offer a large selection of garments in terms of colours, fits, material weights and prices. We can ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for.


Cost-effective solution for high volume runs.
Produces bold and vibrant prints.
Because of the density of the inks used, screen printed shirts have been known to maintain their vibrancy for longer.
Orders become progressively cheaper as the quantities increase.
Simpler designs with smaller colour counts works best.


Direct to garment or DTG printing in short is a more sophisticated way of printing designs on garments using specialized inkjet technology.  Think of it as an inkjet printer printing on t-shirts instead of paper. Using top of the range Kornit equipment we can achieve what other methods cannot. Digital printing allows us to print your design in full colour as there is no limitation on the number of tones in a single job. Due to the digital nature of the printing, intricate and detailed designs are more than welcome! Using waterbased inks DTG gives you a soft print on the garment. The setup for DTG printing is easier and less complicated than screen printing and as a result there is no minimum orders!

Direct to film or DTF printing allows you to print a design on a film and transfer it directly to the intended surface, such as fabric/product/garment. The key reason why the DTF printing is gaining prominence is the freedom it gives you to choose almost any surface for printing. No minimum orders!


DTG/DTF printing is great for lower volume runs, as it requires less set-up time.
Intricate and highly detailed designs is not a problem, including photo-realistic imagery.
DTG prints are soft to the touch, as if the print is woven into the fabric itself.
DTF is a foil and although the printed final design is more “plastic” on the garment, the result is more detailed than DTG printing and equals to digital data.
No set-up costs.
No colour counts.


Embroidery is an older form of branding that is still trending to this day. It provides a complete and professional look to your garments with a durable finish. Washing and dry cleaning is no problem. Using industrial, state of the art embroidery machines we are able to offer a wide selection of stitch patterns that result in truly amazing effects. We offer fast turnaround embroidery services on various garments, including beanies, caps, patches, t-shirts, fleeces, jackets and more.

Many types of caps (beanies, snapbacks, dad caps) and other accessories available (fanny packs, tote bags and random customisation (embroidery, woven label, screen print/transfer print).


Embroidery works best for smaller designs with lower colour counts.
Embroidered garments have a premium look and feel.
Durable finish for increased value.


Take your merchandise to the next level with quality and credible labeling that makes your brand stand apart from the rest.

Our garment labels are premium, woven, custom labels that can be added to all garments. Available in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes to cater to your custom design.

Choose from neck, hem, sleeve, and inside instruction labels. Once chosen, we can professionally remove any standard garment labels and replace them with your custom printed labels.


Silicone bracelets.
Guitar picks.
Flight chains.
Shoe laces.
Custom engraving.


We distribute all kind of textile.